How can I benefit from using Precision Financial Solutions Limited? 


A key benefit of using Precision Financial Solutions Limited is freeing up your time to spend with your clients and generating new business, which ultimately increases your revenue and profitability.  Our paraplanners are highly qualified and experienced at research, analysis and report writing so you can be assured of a highly professional service.


What information do you need? 


Typically we require your fact find, soft facts and details of any existing policies being reviewed and illustrations for the recommended product(s).  We will review each case on an individual basis and advise of any additional information we need.


Who is responsible for the advice?


You are responsible for the advice you give to your clients.  We can assist in provider selection, asset allocation and fund selection but ultimately you are responsible for the content of the reports and the research we produce.

What areas of financial planning do you assist with? 


We can cover all areas of financial planning, including:


  • Retirement planning

  • Pension transfers

  • Lump sum investments

  • Inheritance tax planning

  • Protection planning


What are your turnaround times? 


Our turnaround times vary according to business levels but typically these are between 7-10 working days from the date we receive all the information needed to proceed.


How secure is the information I send you? 


We are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 and comply fully with all GDPR requirements.  As a paperless office, all information stored electronically is password protected and encrypted.

Please click on the PDF icon to view a copy of our Privacy Notice.

How much will it cost? 


We work on a fixed fee basis. Our fees are very competitive and a schedule is available on request. 

Do you charge a retainer? 


No.  Our fees are charged on a pay as you go basis so you only pay for the service when required.

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